At Park Veterinary Centre, we truly believe that prevention is always the best medicine. Ongoing wellness care provides a solid foundation on which your pet can enjoy a long, happy and healthy life. Our wellness services are designed to assist your pet through every life stage, from puppy and kittenhood through the golden years. From physical exams to individual vaccination plans to nutrition and weight management, we want to work with you to help your pet get the most out of his or her life.

Routine wellness visits provide our veterinarians with the opportunity to gather a complete and accurate picture of your pet’s overall health. Regular visits also provide the chance to proactively identify any potential medical concerns and address them early – before they develop into a dangerous and costly problem. Finally, these visits allow our staff to get to know you and your pet better, and to answer any questions or discuss any concerns that you may have about your pet. Our goal is to become your trusted partner for all of your animal healthcare needs.