Pet Memorial


“Perhaps they are not stars, but openings in the Heaven, Where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us, To let us know they are happy.”- Author Unknown.


Noah our clinic cat was taken across the Rainbow Bridge on June 30th 2014, here is his story…


Noah came to the clinic in the summer of 2003.  He was a delightful kitten and soon won over all of the staff.  He then became our beloved clinic cat.  Noah developed a very distinct “Cattitude”!  He would yell if his dinner was late, he would sit on the front desk counter at precisely 9:00AM every morning waiting for his daily Laxatone.  We would often have to discourage him from “comforting” the feline patients as Noah would sit outside exam rooms and reach his paws under the doors.  However,  he did not feel the need to comfort an overly excited canine patient, especially the big ones.  When it came to dogs Noah liked to taunt them by sitting just out of reach or by strolling past really slowly. In 2011 Noah developed and beat cancer; his demeanour changed and everyone could tell something wasn’t right with our normally sassy cat.  Immediately action was taken and with treatment and lots of love Noah beat the cancer and lived another 3 years with his family at Park Veterinary Centre.  His signature tail swooshing came back full force and he was back to knocking important documents, computer mice, pens, you name it, off our desks.  Noah had the most expressive tail we had ever seen. Happy or irritated, his tail almost had a mind of its own.  It would especially go crazy after one of his famous haircuts done by our groomer Amber.  He would complain the entire time but once the haircut was finished Noah would parade around the clinic, ensuring everyone noticed how handsome he was.  A few days before the day he passed we noticed he was not himself again.  This time the prognosis was not great.  Unfortunately Noah had developed a very aggressive type of cancer and was not able to beat it this time.  It was time for his final rest although we were all heartbroken to lose him.  Noah had an amazing life here at the clinic; he would get all the “spanks”, treats, and cuddles that he could ever want.  From greeting clients, typing in files (stepping on keyboards), consoling hospitalized patients, and just making the day brighter with a Noah hug, he helped us more than he could ever know.  There will never be another Noah and he will be remembered and missed each day by the entire staff at Park Veterinary Centre.