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Practice Manager – Registered Veterinary Technologist
Nikki graduated from the NAIT Animal Health Technology Program in 2003. She has been with Park Veterinary Centre as an Animal Health Technologist since the fall of 2003. She enjoys taking care of all animals, especially the small variety! She currently resides in Edmonton with her husband, son, and daughter. She also shares her home with two shih tzus – Rocky and Motley, as well as her son’s newest pets, Thelma and Louise, two guinea pigs. She loves watching her children grow up and introducing them to new animals every day.
Assistant Manager
Hello, my name is Eve and I am the most important member of the Park Veterinary Centre Team. I like to pride myself in helping the veterinarians do paperwork, I double as a paperweight and a shredder. Occasionally, I like to lifeguard the reptiles when they take baths in the sink and I do like of think of myself as a great receptionist, let us just say the ladies up front would be lost without my expertise. I know most people think cats are not very smart but I would like to let you know that I can sit on command and shake a paw – who says only dogs do tricks?

My life aspirations include fitting into boxes that are too small for me, decorating the clinic with pieces of cardboard, and singing slightly off tune.
Registered Veterinary Technologist
Lana graduated from NAIT as an Animal Health Technologist in 1990 (a long time ago!) She lives west of Edmonton on an acreage with her husband and many, many, many pets. She has the distinction of being the first employee that Park Veterinary Centre hired many years ago when we opened our doors in 1997.

Lana has two dogs: a yellow Labrador named Samee and a Rottweiler named Tiny. She also has six cats named Bug, Beenz, Lil Missy, Frostie, Monkey, and Panther. Three of these cats were rescued from fatal circumstances and two others were adopted from shelters. Beenz was a special pick from a litter that came to the clinic for exams and vaccinations. Lana credits life circumstances as the reason she has so many cats living under her roof! To round out the household, Lana also has three aquariums in her home, and continues to acquire new rescue reptiles who need her loving care.

When she is not at work assisting in so many ways, she fills her spare time with fastball, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, dirt biking, cooking, gardening, and many other things. Her love for her job is shown daily in the care and attention she gives to all the animals and the fact that she is still at Park Veterinary Centre and still going strong!
Registered Veterinary Technologist
Jodie graduated from the Animal Health program at NAIT in 2005 after completing her Bachelor of Science degree. She currently resides in Sherwood Park with her husband and two very extraordinary cats, Oliver and Piper. Jodie’s interests outside of work include checking out new restaurants and coffee shops. She is a long-standing member of the Edmonton Dragon Boat Racing club and competes in many festivals throughout the summer with her team, the Renegades. Inside the clinic, her area of interest includes creating a fun working atmosphere while having the opportunity to help animals.
Registered Veterinary Technologist
Kristy graduated as an Animal Health Technologist from NAIT in 2005. Before graduating, she had the opportunity to do her practicum at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, where she was able to work with a variety of wildlife, such as gorillas, elephants and snow leopards, just to name a few!

Kristy is a HUGE movie fan, including anything from action to drama. Her collection, so far, exceeds 500 movies! In her free time, Kristy has developed her artistic talents through the outlet of cake making and decorating. Some of her creations are very elaborate and are in high demand. Her coworkers have reaped the benefits of this developing talent as well and thoroughly enjoy her work!

Kristy has been at Park Veterinary Centre since 2006. She enjoys working with all animals but she is particularly enthusiastic about reptiles and exotic species. Currently, she has two Siberian Huskies (Rogue & Gryphon), three and three-quarter cats (Flynn, Lynk and Rey who only has 3 legs), one conure (Simon), one quaker (Tucker), three newts, one green tree frog, two ball pythons (Losksley and Artemis), and two tortoises (Mertle and Sebastian).
Registered Veterinary Technologist
Trista lives on a farm in the New Serepta area with her husband, Byron, and her daughters, Grace and Hailey. She graduated from NAIT Animal Health Technology in 2002 and has been with Park Veterinary Centre since the fall of 2002. Trista’s passions, of course, include her pets, as well as gardening, pottery, and art. Her furry children include: Gunner and Monty, both rescue dogs; their cats Spud, Gimley and Chaos; their horses Storm, Sugar and Majesty; bunnies, sheep; ducks; and an assortment of exotic chickens. Trista feels that it has truly been a blessing to work with all kinds of amazing critters and their owners, and she looks forward to meeting you and yours!
Registered Veterinary Technologist
Sandra graduated from NAIT’s Animal Health Technology program in 2013. Working at Park Veterinary Centre as a technician has always been the destination of choice for her because of her love for exotic animals. Having a small menagerie since leaving the nest, Sandra has had her fair share of fun dealing with the husbandry demands of birds, reptiles, and small mammals. Don’t let that fool you though, Sandra loves the furred creatures too and still gets a thrill from meeting a new pup or kitty for the first time.
Registered Veterinary Technologist
Kim is a graduate of the NAIT Animal Health Technology program, class of 2014. Prior to obtaining her veterinary education, Kim became a certified massage therapist, but decided to pursue a career with animals after several years working as a receptionist at a local veterinary practice. She is glad she made the switch to a career with pets since she really enjoys working with the variety of species we see at Park Veterinary Centre.

Kim is the proud auntie of a Golden Doodle named Cadence. Outside of her work, Kim thoroughly enjoys the music scene that Edmonton area has to offer and is a real movie enthusiast.
Registered Veterinary Technologist
Alysha was born and raised in the Edmonton area and joined the Park Veterinary Centre team early on and throughout her education process at the NAIT Animal Health Technology program. Alysha has wanted to work with animals for as long as she could remember and is happy to be in a career where she can do just that. Alysha was drawn to the team environment of Park Veterinary Centre and by her strong desire to work with the many species we see here, ensuring that every day at work is always a new adventure.

Alysha is the proud pet parent of a bunny named Lola who is famous for her ability to “play dead.” She also has a Lhasa-Apso, Patch, who can “play dead” too but also has some more advanced training in movie-dog tricks. When not training her pets to have special talents, Alysha can be found enjoying a good book, involved in outdoor activities with her friends and family, volunteering with youth, or watching movies especially “Frozen” which is her favorite.
Registered Veterinary Technologist
As a young child Meg always enjoyed learning about and handling all sorts of creatures so she knew she had to have a career working with animals. She graduated from NAIT’s Animal Health Technology program in 2015 and knew right away her dream clinic to work at was Park Veterinary Centre. Meg’s household includes one dog, three cats, a leopard gecko, a tortoise, and some horses. Her other interests include riding horses, travelling, reading, and hiking.
Registered Veterinary Technologist
Shauna is a recent NAIT graduate, attaining her Animal Health Technology diploma in April 2015. Prior to receiving her AHT diploma, Shauna also accomplished a Veterinary Medical Assistant program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Shauna is passionate about caring for animals, and has a keen interest in exotic and pocket pet medicine. Shauna is excited to be living her dream and could not be any happier about it!

Shauna has a dog at home, named Sadie, and has a leopard gecko cleverly named Lizzy. In her spare time, Shauna is passionate about fitness and enjoys spending time exercising and living an active lifestyle. She is very excited to be a part of the great team at Park Veterinary Centre!
Registered Veterinary Technologist
Simone grew up on a farm in a small town in southern Alberta, which from a young age, sparked her passion of caring for animals, big and small. Growing up she had always known she wanted to work in Veterinary medicine and in 2015, she graduated the Animal Health Technology program from Grande Prairie Regional College. Simone joined the team at Park Veterinary Centre in December of 2015 and has greatly enjoyed the opportunity to expand her skills.

Simone has three fur-kids, a Siberian Husky (Diesel) and 2 horses (Rambo and Dice). She loves the outdoors and staying active however, she also enjoys staying in to watch a good movie. Her other interests include snowboarding, riding her horses in the mountains and barrel racing.
Registered Veterinary Technologist
Jenn graduated from the NAIT Animal Health Technology Program in 1998. She currently lives in Fort Saskatchewan with her husband, Blair, her daughter, Olivia, and her pets, an adorably loving Greyhound named Kanga and a feisty but loving cat named Ralph. She has worked in several clinics in the Edmonton area over the years, including 3 general practices and 2 emergency/critical care practices. She loves many parts of her career but her favourite parts have always included learning and mastering new skills.

She has enjoyed joining the team at Park Veterinary Centre because of the wonderful staff, the reputation of the practice and the opportunity to learn new and exciting skills. She enjoys cooking, movies, music, skiing, but most of all watching her daughter excel at many sports, especially soccer.
Registered Veterinary Technologist
Brittany graduated from the Animal Health Technology program at Olds College in 2015. Her favorite aspect of her job is anesthesia and surgery. Brittany is excited to be apart of Park Veterinary Centre team and have the opportunity to experience working with different types of exotic species.

Currently, she has one spoiled cat at home, named “Skye”. In her spare time she is passionate about volunteering with the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force. Brittany also enjoys spending her time outdoors, going hiking in the mountains and loves eating ice cream.
Registered Veterinary Technologist
Michelle graduated from NAIT in 2017 where she excelled and gained a lot of knowledge and practical experience. Before going to NAIT she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture from the University of Alberta. Animal welfare has always been a great passion of hers. Her grandparents owned a farm so she got to grow up with many fury creatures, both small and large.

Michelle currently lives in Edmonton with her husband Ryan and her daughter Kailyn. Her home is filled with many rescue animals which include 2 dogs named Leia and Mara, 3 cats named Mex, Tessa and Danny, a rabbit named Sage and a turtle named Bowser. Michelle fosters for a couple of rescue organizations so it is not uncommon for her home to include many more fury friends.

Michelle has wanted to work at Park Veterinary Center since being a student at NAIT because she really wanted to work with a variety of different species and become a “jack of all trades” so to speak. She believes that PVC is a very exciting place to work and gain experience. She is very grateful to have a career in veterinary medicine and the fact that she gets to go to work every day doing what she truly loves.

Michelle enjoys her active lifestyle. Her spare time is spent with her wonderful family and animals. She enjoys jogging with her dogs, going to the dog park, gardening, weight lifting, camping and skiing.
Registered Veterinary Technologist
Stephanie always knew she wanted a job working with animals ever since she was a child as she felt a special connection to them. Her dreams came true when she graduated from the Animal Health Technology program at NAIT in April 2017. Her passions surrounding animal health includes exotic animal medicine, animal behaviour and nutrition. She hopes to specialize in these areas over the years to come. She feels it is an honour to care for sick and injured animals, and to nurse them back to health. Even though no words are spoken, when she looks into the animal’s eyes, she can sense that they are grateful. Working with animals is so rewarding and fills her heart in a way no other job can. This is why she became a Registered Veterinary Technologist. She was drawn to work for Park Veterinary Centre for its specialized knowledge in exotic animal medicine.

She has a talkative, 8 year old Sheltie named Bella, who has quite the following on Instagram. She is also welcoming a Blue Heeler puppy to her family in the weeks to follow! Her hobbies include watching movies, cake decorating, and hiking trails in nature sanctuaries and provincial parks.
Customer Service Representative
Breanne graduated from Bev Facey high school in 2008. Having grown up in Sherwood Park, she was drawn to Park Veterinary Centre because she loves animals and cannot imagine anything better than helping them when they are sick.

In her spare time, she enjoys going out with friends for brunch, watching movies, and spoiling her two cats, Gabi and Olive. She loves how rewarding it is to help other people who love their animals as much as she does and looks forward to helping you!
Customer Service Representative
Maysyn is our newest addition to Park. Graduating from Lakeland College in 2015 from the VMA program, she has had daytime practice experience as well as emergency. Maysyn loved working at emergency to see all the exciting things come through the front doors, but decided she really missed daytime medicine and interacting with clients on a more personal level. She is very passionate about getting your new puppy started in training classes and setting you up with pet insurance.

At home, she has a 4 year old Mini Australian Shepherd, Madden, who is very driven with trick training and herding, which keeps her very busy. Don’t be afraid to ask her questions, she’ll be more than happy to help you find what you need!
Head Groomer
Amber started her grooming career at a pet store/grooming shop the September after she graduated from high school. She worked as a Groomer’s Assistant and Pet Store Manager full time for a year, and part time for 2 years. While following other career options, Amber discovered her love of pet grooming. She then worked full time learning the grooming trade as a grooming assistant before going to Leduc to attend AB Dog Grooming School. She graduated at the top of her class in June 2005 and found the great working environment of Park Veterinary Centre in November of that same year.

Since working at Park Vet, great things have happened in Amber’s life. In July of 2011, she and her cat and moved into their very own house with a great back yard. The cat asked for a brother, so in November 2011 Amber adopted an American bulldog from the Edmonton SCPA. Axel is a great assistant, and can be found helping Amber in the grooming department almost every day.

Amber has become the Head Groomer in our grooming department and she would love it if you stopped by to say hello and let her say hi to your furry kids. She would also like to have the opportunity to give your pets the best haircut they can have. Please stop in and book your appointment today!
Julia has two dogs: Ike, a miniature daschund, and Jack, a rat terrier; as well as two cats, Sydney and Sparta. She has been surrounded by animals her whole life, having had horses, cats, dogs, birds, gerbils, degus, and fish. Julia has been working as a pet groomer since 2007. She has been grooming at Park Veterinary Centre since January 2008 and really enjoys it. She finds that the atmosphere here is positive, encouraging, and very customer oriented.

Julia was originally attending school for hairdressing when she discovered a passion for dog grooming. She loves working on many different types of dogs, her favourite being custom requirements. She grooms her parents’ cocker spaniel and they love when she leaves a mohawk. Sometimes they even request it to be dyed different colours. Julia has always enjoyed the challenge of non-traditional styles but she respects the talent required to give a traditional breed cut. She loves to meet new clients and grow relationships, ensuring that they never walk away dissatisfied.
From a young age, Tami has always had a love for all animals, especially dogs. Picking a career in which she could work with them on a daily basis was not a hard decision. Right after high school, she started as a basic bather, learning the basics of making your pet have a wonderful experience at the groomer. Approximately six months in, Tami went to grooming school and became certified as a professional pet stylist, demonstrating excellence in handling and caring for our furry four legged friends.

Tami really enjoys her work with the staff, co-workers, and clients at Park Veterinary Centre. She has been grooming since 2008 and currently own three dogs of her own, Coco, a Pomeranian/poodle mix; Sadie, a Yorkshire terrier; and Izzy, an American Staffordshire terrier. She is always eager to be challenged and is here to make sure you are always happy with your grooming experience at Park Veterinary Centre.
Pet Enthusiast & Helper
Theresa Boender helps out at Park Veterinary Centre on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and has made a lot of friends here. She graduated from McNally High School and enjoys taking pictures in her spare time. Theresa has an orange cat named Phoebe, as well as chickens, cows, ducks and geese, and a rabbit named Butterscotch on the farm and at home.
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