Fix a Feline Challenge (Mar 25-31)

Be part of the Fix a Feline challenge.  Your cat’s procedure now includes a microchip and more!

Between March 25 and March 31, Animal Care & Control Centre (ACCC) and local veterinary clinics are attempting to spay, neuter and microchip as many cats as possible. By fixing and providing permanent ID, we hope to reduce unwanted cat litters while improving the chance a lost cat will make it home.

Animal Care & Control will be providing Edmonton based participants with pet identification microchips at no cost. The City of Edmonton is also proud to support the Alberta Helping Animals Society (AHAS) so that they can participate in this challenge.  AHAS’s goal is to provide this service for 20 cats that are loved by vulnerable members of our community. FixAFelineWebpageBanner_rdax_686x172